Refund and Return Policy

If the Consumers / End Users cancel the order atleast 48 hrs prior the date of the delivery, he shall be eligible for a Full Refund. No refund will be made in case the Consumers / End Users want to cancel the order of delivery while it is less than 48 hrs away i.e. the Consumer / End User has to cancel any order keeping in hand at least 48 hrs and for less than 48 hrs from the date and time of delivery, no refund will be made by the Kalinga Bakey Private Limited (KBPL).

In case the product is found damaged at the OUTLET, the KBPL shall refund the amount in full. The customer is requested to check the product properly at the time of delivery at the OUTLET.

In case there is an issue with the quality of the product, upon receiving complain by the customer the KBPL refund the amount of the product in question.